Chiropractor Provides Natural, Drug-Free Pain Relief

My sister has always been what I would call an earthy-crunchy person. She practices meditation, uses crystals and eats only organic vegetables and nothing but vegetables. I am opposite of her in most respects and when she suggested I go to a Sacramento chiropractic clinic for a some lower back pain I had been experiencing, I was a bit skeptical. My pain could be intense at times, to the point that I would go to the emergency room for relief, but I was not a big believer in her holistic healing methods.

What my sister pointed out was that I wasn’t ever being cured in the emergency room, and only being given pain relievers and forced to rest for pain relief. I needed to see a specialist, who could offer me true relief from the pain naturally without relying on pills, and she was convinced a chiropractor was the answer.

I was not too sure myself, but decided it was well-worth a try as a visit with a chiropractor was far less expensive than the cost of an emergency room visit.

I was happy to find that my pain, though not present at that moment, much like a car problem that never surfaces when at the mechanic’s garage, was still easily understood and diagnosed by the chiropractor. I had Sciatica and there were numerous options for treatment. I was still skeptical, but armed with information and the chiropractor’s card, I left the office.

Two weeks later, when the pain hit me again, I called the chiropractor instead of the emergency room, and was able to get right in to see the doctor. He manipulated my back, which immediately took the pain away, and instructed me on the use of ice/cold for home therapy. I became a confrimed believer and did not hesitate to set up further appointments to work on my back in an effort to end the episodes completely.