Free Merchant Accounts

Highest quality of services is offered by free merchant accounts with adorable pricing. The charging of hidden fee is strictly prohibited by free merchant accounts, so that we can directly see our account transactions in online High business benefits are gained by the organization with the use of free merchant accounts. A virtual terminal is provided to help the merchant so as to safely login there account in real time processing. Each time during processing of transaction an authorized fee is charged to the customer, also other fee like transaction fee is also applicable. The merchants should pay a certain amount of fee in the beginning, so that the account of the customer is maintained effectively, without any area. Customer service is highly free for all merchant providers. The receipts in the online transactions are sent to both to merchants and customers. The customer credit card is charged within a predetermined amount of time, once the card is charged a confirmation via email is sent to each customer, so that we can easily fill the entire details so as to ease the work. The transactions of funds will be received by the respective bank accounts within 2 to 3 days.