My Wife is More Important Than Money

I did not know if contacting a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney was in my best interest, but I really did not know what to do otherwise. I was in a lot of trouble financially, and it just seemed to keep getting worse instead of better. I sign up for overtime every opportunity there is, but the bills just keep increasing because of a medical emergency that my wife went through about a year ago. The insurance covered some of the expenses, but we were responsible for more than we could manage.

We went through our savings in no time, but that did not bother us because the alternative was too scary to think about. We had always been responsible, and we had never lived above our means. We had a nice savings, plus we were well ahead on all of our payments. My wife’s stroke changed all of that. She nearly died, and we were more concerned about getting prayer for her rather than money for our bills. I thought the insurance would cover a lot more, but like I said, we did not mind paying because she might not be here otherwise.

I still have no regrets with that, and I finally decided that we had to start moving forward again. She was finally home again after months in a rehab center, and she is progressing very nicely. I knew that we needed to do that in every area, which is why I went ahead and contacted the attorney to help us. I wanted to pay what we owe, but I did not want my wife to suffer or go without medical care that we have to pay for in order to do that. The attorney I hired was able to help us, and we are finally getting back to where we are feeling comfortable in every way again. It was a long road to get here, and I am just glad we are finally on the other side of it.