Register once you buy spyware doctor

Registration process of the spyware doctor is followed with a sequence of steps. The spyware doctor review may give a full fledged guideline on how to proceed after you buy spyware doctor. There are any antispyware programs available in the market but most of them involve messy registration and installation process.
Before an individual begins the spyware doctor it is better to check the registration status. This involves few steps. The first step is to open the spyware doctor window and click on the help tab which is present in the right side top corner below which the about button is to be chose. Once you choose the about if the screen displays the information about your name and license code, then the application is registered if not registration is not complete. If the registration is not complete then it is necessary to register immediately. Unless the registration of the spyware doctor software is done the installation process has no meaning. As you install the software it may not function on its own, once installed a proper registration is necessary for the software to carry out its function of scanning the entire system to detect if any spyware is present or not.